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Unexpected Pathways: The Journeys of Women in the Workforce

Women aged 20-90 from 50 states and those having worked or lived in in 20 nations and the District of Columbia, have participated in our Unexpected Pathways research! We continue to seek responses from women throughout the USA and … from women all over the world!

Women interested in becoming chapter authors may contact Dr. Anne at for a chapter author application.  Contact Dr. Anne for additional information or if are interested in submitting a chapter! The deadline for all chapter submissions and supporting documentation is December 15, 2013.

Please consider telling your story.  Please help us continue this amazing “grassroots” effort to contact 2,000 women from 50 states and 50 countries or US providences! Encourage them to take the survey at:

Anne Sourbeer Morris, Ed.D. 2013

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Supported by internationally driven research, targeting 100,000 women (our inspired vision), we seek to tell the stories of a diverse, multi-generational group of dynamic women, in an inaugural series of three volumes. We welcome all women aged 20 to 120, regardless of current work status, to participate in the supporting research.

Women participating in research will be offered the option to be considered as a “chapter author” in our inaugural or future volumes of Unexpected Pathways or to participate in the radio program Futures Inspired. Contact Our research - the Unexpected Pathways survey - will continue indefinitely to add richness to our data.

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Keep the YOU in YOUng!

“Keep the YOU in YOUng! Be YOUng in sprit! Be YOUng in thought! Be YOUng in action! Be YOUthful! Be forever YOUng! Be forever YOU!” Anne Sourbeer Morris, April 23, 2014.

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Inspirations by Dr. Anne

Inspirations by Anne Sourbeer Morris, Ed.D.

AKA: Dr. Anne

AKA: Grand Teacher Morris

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“Create Futures by Inspiring Futures!”  September 12, 2012

“Educators strive to teach cooperation, collaboration, and consensus building, yet the leaders who should be the mentors of youth model bickering, bullying, and blame.”  October 4, 2013


“Even when you don’t think you can, TRY! You may astonish yourself!” August 26, 2013


“The school counselor is a leader and an advocate, somethimes becoming the voice of those who cannot or will not speak; and many times, enabling the voice of those who, through guidance and support, gain the courage to self-advocate. School counselors are leaders who facilitate courage in those they serve.” July 27, 2013


“Have the courage to do the right thing, to tell the truth; to respect, protect, and help others; to strive to do the best you can; and to be the best that you can be! Grand Teacher Morris July 17, 2013

“Thoughout for the day: Genuine friendship and love are ageless! Cherish friendship and love. Cherish yourself with this limitless gift!” June 9, 2013


“Thought for the night: Don’t wish that you “should have” … Live!  Be inspired!” May 31, 2013


“Inspiration comes from the world around us and from the world within us!” May 11, 2013


“Thrive in 2013! Be inspired by life! Create your future … Live your passion!” January 2, 2013


“Inspire and be inspired!” August 22, 2012


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Creating Safe Havens: Addressing Crisis

Anne Sourbeer Morris, Ed.D.

December 17, 2012

In light of the tragedy in Connecticut, we have gathered a number of crisis response resources from a variety of professional organizations.  It is our hope that the information will be of assistance to students, parents, counselors, and educators.

National Tragedy: Helping Children Cope

Talking to Children about Violence                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    talkingviolence.pdf

Listen, Protect, Connect … Model, Teach                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       PFA_SchoolCrisis.pdf

Helping Children Navigate in a Violent World

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

American Psychological Association

American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

North Carolina School Counselor Association

ASCA American School Counselor Association

The Crisis Management Institute


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Sample Chapter — Legacy of Six

Enjoy reading a preview of Anne’s upcoming book, Living Legacies … Inspire the Future! The Legacy of Six,  first appeared in 2010, as a chapter in Sunshine Sisters: A Celebration of Legacies written by Molly (  The Legacy of Six will soon be transformed into an inspirational book written by Anne Sourbeer Morris. For more information, contact Anne at

Click here to download the preview!

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Exploring Career and Technical Educator’s Attitudes

Dr. Sourbeer Morris completed her five-year doctoral journey in 2011, with the publication of the dissertation Exploring Career and Technical Educator’s Attitudes: The Participation of Girls in Nontraditional Programs of Study. The Executive Summary provides an overview of the research.  For additional information contact Anne at

Click here for the Executive Summary in PDF format!


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Looking for Radio Show submissions

Individuals interested in being featured during the first series of Anne’s upcoming radio show Futures Inspired should contact Anne at  Series I will be titled: Unexpected Pathways: The Journeys of Women in the Workforce with segments featuring entrepreneurs, STEM professionals, and career and technical professionals.

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Coming Soon!

Look here for inspiring articles in the coming months!

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