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Anne Sourbeer Morris, Ed.D.

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Research ranks classroom management as the most important variable to building and sustaining school success. Our staff development training offers the most powerful classroom management strategies available anywhere!


Teach the disrespectful to be respectful, the unmotivated to be motivated, and the irresponsible to be responsible!


Training 1: Classroom Management: Eliminate 90% of problem behavior and stop losing valuable teaching time to matters of discipline so that students can focus on learning.

Training 2:  Engage and Motivate Students through Differentiated Instruction:  Stimulate academic interest and engage ALL students through lessons that are meaningful and relevant.

If schools could choose only one professional development training in 2017-2018 … This is the one!


College Credit Available to Educators!


Dr. Anne Believes …

Dr. Anne believes that all students have an immeasurable capacity to learn and to grow. In fact, students want to learn … Sometimes, they simply do not have a clue about how to learn nor do they truly understand what is expected of them, so … they act out, shut down, or simply do not show up. These students feel hopeless and may lack the tools, the background, or the support necessary to navigate the world of education.  Therefore, doors are closed to them and critical knowledge is unintentionally withheld.  As educators, we must discover ways to open closed doors and to introduce our students to the world of knowledge and the opportunity for a limitless future.  As educators we must create futures by inspiring futures! We must assure that our students’ futures are inspired and hopeful.  But how?

“Teach each one – reach each one!”  Dr. Anne Sourbeer Morris, 2017

Dr. Anne believes that creating a safe, respectful, disciplined learning environment results in building trusting relationships that open the doors to understanding and knowledge. Dr. Anne believes that creating a classroom where consistency and dignity are emphasized, lays the foundation for learning for all students; offering hope and inspiration. Dr. Anne is committed to supporting educators in their quest to teach and reach each student.

Dr. Anne understands that today’s educators are under incredible pressure to assure that students demonstrate annual growth – that they learn and articulate knowledge.  This is a daunting task, as educators engage students from diverse backgrounds, educational experiences, and learning differences.  Dr. Anne understands that each year, more and more responsibility is placed on educators to implement projects and programs and to engage in activities beyond the scope of their academic responsibilities. And … Dr. Anne understands the perennial challenge of classroom management.  Time is being taken away from the business of teaching and learning …How may we recover classroom time?  When is there time to teach?  The time to teach is NOW!  Dr. Anne helps educators to discover the time to teach and to regain power in the classroom.

“Believe in the Power of YOU!”  Dr. Anne Sourbeer Morris, 2015

Dr. Anne is confident that educators can gain more time to teach and more time to engage students as they learn and grow. Dr. Anne believes Time to Teach methodologies and management systems offer educators valuable tools to create optimal learning environments and to facilitate success. Dr. Anne provides each educator with tools that expand her or his capacity to reach each child and regain her or his power in the classroom to teach and reach each child.  Dr. Anne helps each educator to believe in their power inspire students to grow and to learn!


Dr. Anne – AKA Grand Teacher Morris

Give Your Faculty the Time to Teach!


If schools were permitted to have just one training, this is the one!


This training will help to raise test scores for your students, decrease discipline challenges, and improve classroom rapport. You will learn how to meet students where they are and lead them where they need to be, capture attention, and promote deeper learning.

  What is Time To Teach?

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Dr. Anne: Author


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